Our Olive Groves

Spread over an area of 3 hectares, our 300-year-old olive groves present a native of Molise such as Gentile di Larino, Saligna, Rumignana and Cornarella. For several generations, with time and dedication, family management has allowed us to collect and transform Extra Virgin Olive Oil high quality, respecting nature and the fruits it provides.
Raccolta e trasformazione Olio extravergine

The Taste of Family Tradition.

Cultivation Methods

The conduction takes place through the integrated production method according to the production regulations of the Molise Region and following sustainable cultivation methods, to guarantee the wholesomeness and the maximum quality of the extra virgin olive oil produced. The prunings carried out annually, are intended to ensure the vegetative-productive balance, favoring the aeration of the foliage and photosynthetic activity. Fertilization is carried out through the supply of organic matter and the burying of pruning residues, while natural grassing is intended to favor the improvement of the soil's structure and fertility. Lastly, the fight against parasites makes use of the method of integrated pest control, which allows to predict pest attacks and promptly intervening, respecting non-target organisms and natural antagonists of harmful insects, while minimizing chemical inputs.
Raccolta e trasformazione Olio extravergine

Collection and Transformation

The collection and transformation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil takes place at the beginning of October and is carried out through mechanical facilitators. The olives collected in this way are then transported to the mill inside of perforated boxes to avoid stagnation of humidity and the formation of mold. In the mill the cold extraction is used to guarantee and preserve over time the virtues and the wonderful organoleptic characteristics of the final product. The oil extracted in this way is decanted and stored in stainless steel cylinders in a temperature controlled environment, away from sources of light, air and heat.