Our History

The Lorito Farm extends in the territory of Guglionesi, a small town on the Molise hills, near the Adriatic Sea. Characterized by the mild climate and fertile soil, the countryside of our territory is ideal for the cultivation of olive trees, vegetables, fruit and the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
It covers an area of ​​about 20 hectares cultivated with wheat, oilseed crops, vegetable and horticultural crops from seed and olive groves in the municipality of Guglionesi (CB).

Mediterranean temperatures, often covered by winds that create a constantly dry environment: it represents the most suitable habitat for olive growing which, in this area is characterized by a production of oil with high genuineness and high value.
What moves the Lorito Farm is first of all the passion for our land and that is why quality remains the only true common denominator of our typical products.

Our olive trees, our lands, are the cradle of our culture; they are the living libraries of our history, of our Molise.

Produzione Olio Extravergine

The Olive Oil Culture
of the Lorito Farm

Our love for Oil begins in the early 1900s, when our family began to cultivate olives in Guglionesi (CB) along the Molise Adriatic coast in the heart of the Molise hills.

Since then, the Lorito Farm has been involved in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the same passion, creating a product destined for demanding consumers who are constantly seeking the genuineness of simple and natural foods.

The perfect fusion of tradition and innovation allows us to experiment with alternative cultivation methods, able to guarantee the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil.